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gie media, inc. publications


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italian homemade recipes

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cleveland now: a guide to navigating the best city


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wild star: non-profit organization

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a beginner’s guide to purchasing wine

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haberstro fishing club

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covid hand washing

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hi, i’m anna haberstro

a passionate graphic designer in…
  • sports digital creation
  • photography
  • print design
  • illustration
  • videography/animation
  • social media
With several years of design experience, I have developed a profound commitment to creating innovative graphics for the advertising industry. Graphic design is aesthetically pleasing and serves a purpose by allowing people to appreciate the art of design and connect with the universe. By blending minimalist elegance with bold concepts, I have developed a style that conveys grit and determination to the world around us. Art and design have shaped my life, both as my career choice and passion.

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web design

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